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The need for legal advice is something that most people encounter throughout their lives. Whether you are dealing with an injury or need to plan for your future, having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney by your side eases the stress and helps you feel more confident when you make the important decisions about your situation. If you are facing legal challenges, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to schedule a FREE initial consultation. Get honest recommendations for how to move forward. According to the law, you cannot be fired for filing a worker's compensation claim. If you have been terminated, or your employer has threatened action, get in touch with us immediately so we can help you stand up for your rights. When you step into the office of John Bednarz, we can guarantee you will get the best legal representation available. We're so confident, you won't have to pay any fees if we don't win your case. It is easy to feel nervous trusting an attorney with your personal injury situation. You can have peace of mind knowing that we are fully dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, most personalized representation possible.You do not pay a fee, unless we recover in your case. Get to know more about Social Security Law. If you are coping with a physical or mental disability that prevents you from maintaining employment, you may be eligible to receive Social Security benefits. These benefits are designed to provide supportive income to help cover medical expenses as well as the daily cost of living. The application process for Social Security benefits is long and can be frustrating. Most first-time applicants are denied. If you have already been denied, don't lose hope. Our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys can guide you through your appeal so you can continue to seek benefits. Whether you are considering filing for Social Security benefits or have been denied and are ready to appeal, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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